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Каталог Liros
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Складской ассортимент LIROS:
Канат LIROS D-Pro Dyneema
Фал/шкот LIROS Herkules Colour
Фал/шкот LIROS Herkules Vision
Фал/шкот LIROS Regatta2000
Фал/шкот LIROS Racer
Эластичный шнур LIROS Shock Cord

Обозначения и справочная информация по яхтенным веревкам

LIROS is recognized as a world leader in the manufacture of Hi-Tec yachting ropes, kitesurf cords, paragliding lines and a wide range of industrial cordage. With the new factory LIROS continue to manufacture in Germany in order that we can control every part of the production from start to finish. This factory is 10.000 square meters and has been layed out using the most modern flow systems which ensure maximum efficiency allowing LIROS to maintain its competitive position in the world of rope manufacturing. All of the LIROS production is carefully monitored by experienced technicians during every stage of manufacture to ensure complete satisfaction in the most demanding applications. The unique and new process to 'LIROS NCS' (Nano Coating System) has enabled us to improve the performance of the latest materials (PBO, Vectran® & Dyneema®) by thoroughly protecting them against the worst effects of abrasion as well as UV degradation. We welcome all enquiries for our products as well as any individual requirements for custom projects. Our company is certified and approved according to DIN EN ISO 9001 und DIN EN ISO 14001. Production 100% Made in Germany.

PDF LIROS Yachting (6856k)

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Видеоурок по плетению огона на канате DOUBLE BRAID (с двойной оплеткой), например, на LIROS Herkules.

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